Solid Ground loves counting on it's friends and what they can do, here are just a couple of examples in our "Team Member Spotlight"

This company know's what they are doing when it comes to coring. Zion's National Park needed Solid Ground to get an 8 inch flexible water-pipeline beneath a 300 foot cliff, then turn the direction up on a 90 degree angle. And finally punch out in an 8 x 8 exit hole to line up with the waterline that connected to the water tank on the top of the plateau. Very Cool!

Finn / Wall Specialties can do the Job right! When you need epoxy overlays and resin finishes applied to your concrete and you want it done right the first time, you hire Adam Stettler and his boy's at Finn / Wall!

The new Eccles Theater Lobby view from the balcony.

beautiful floor of the new Eccles Theater lobby in Salt Lake City, UTAH.

Primary Children's Hospital Lobby in Salt Lake City, UTAH.

*The owner of Finn/Wall Mr. Adam Stettler and his skilled and dedicated artisan's know what they are doing!

Friends, you can never have to many good ones!