As a general contractor, one of our skill set's is spraying polyurethane foam. We love this stuff! 

In the 7th annual, May 2018 ABAA Conference, held in Salt Lake City, focused on the Air Barrier design standards & building codes for all new ( construction. The ABAA recommends polyurethane closed & open cell spray foam. Why? Because it completely seals out air, dust, vapor and noise.                                                                                                                Additionally, closed cell spray foam stops creepy, filthy rodents from entering the walls of any structure you build. Rodents do not chew this material, they completely,100% avoid it.

Polyurethane spray foam has been used for over 80 years. The formulation was patented in 1937 by Dr. Otto Bayer. Today polyurethane foam benefit's are utilized in the aerospace industry to home owners ceilings and walls. Spray foam is the insulating material that meets the ABAA air barrier standards and specifications.

Closed cell polyurethane spray foam is the "gold standard" in insulation. It insulates with a thermal R-factor of 7 per every inch of foam. Additionally, polyurethane foam is an excellent sound, vapor and water barrier.

  •  Polyurethane closed cell foam adds a 20% rigidity factor to structural integrity.
  • Polyurethane foam keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
  • You do not want your buildings to be Thermal Conductors!


Your window well leaks after every rain storm! Cleaning up this soggy mess sucks, it's not FUN! You may think "How could I have prevented this?"

Here is the preventative solution to STOP Leaking Window wells from occurring!


Do not back fill against the foundation before waterproofing it! Please allow Solid Ground to spray 3 inches of closed cell polyurethane foam. 

Why? Because this will permanently waterproof and seal the concrete. Finally, we will bolt on your window well, spray on a waterproof barrier and you now have a leak proof window well. Taking the steps to prevent a water problem is better then dealing with years of leaking window wells.

Solid Ground loves to restore vintage concrete. Below is a wonderful example of a 70 year old sunk and twisted concrete walkway that we restored back to a beautiful walkway.

Above is a "before and after" pictures of a beautiful 70-year-old concrete walkway that had been "finished" with a type of a crushed rock method. The owner did not want to loose this gorgeous and unique  walkway. This 30-foot section of walkway down the southern exposure of the home had badly sunk and twisted over the years. But amazingly, it did not have a single crack or chip. We successfully got all the twisting and sinking sections level.

The owner whispered to me when we finished that she did not think we could fix it.

When your concrete can not be lifted, and "remove and replace" is the only option, If you need your garage and driveway restored to SOLID GROUND call us because we can do that!

We understand Concrete is expensive and difficult to remove and re-install.

When it is time to remove that cracked and damaged concrete Solid Ground will have an experienced crew remove the old concrete, level and prepare the new pour site, pour the new concrete then finish and seal your new driveway, patio, garage floor, walkways and more.