Solid Ground, LLC has the right team to take on Office remodeling / build-outs, HVAC, Plumbing & Heating, New and restorative Roof repair, Concrete Flat Work, Excavation, Coring for fiber optics & subterranean water and other liquid pipe lines. Solid Ground has a very Unique and Versatile in house Specialty we use POLYURETHANE FOAM to lift and level concrete, stabilize sub-terrain concrete culverts, waterproof barriers that we spray on the soil prior to concrete pours, roof membranes, water proofing, a True Monolithic-Insulation Air-Barrier (R-7 per-one inch) YES, Closed Cell Polyurethane Foam is much more than R-Factor, it can add up to 20% rigidity coefficient to structures and we saved the the best for last it is a "TRUE-ZERO" air flow barrier! Getting your structures closer to a net-zero return on heating and cooling costs.

Polyurethane Closed Cell Spray Foam.

Spraying Closed Cell Polyurethane Foam

Closed cell polyurethane spray foam is the "gold standard" in insulation. It insulates with a thermal R-factor of 7 per every inch of foam. Additionally, polyurethane foam is an excellent sound, vapor and water barrier.

  •  Polyurethane closed cell foam adds a 20% rigidity factor to structural integrity.
  • Polyurethane foam keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.


Solid Ground LLC provides 1. Waterproofing Concrete Basement Walls and Window Wells.  2. Leveling and Void Filling beneath concrete pads, floors and driveways.  3. Last but not least, Sealing up cracked Storm Culverts, Manholes and Pipes.

Concrete Leveling and Void Filling

Okay, your concrete warehouse floor is now uneven, and the fork lifts are bumping, dropping product. Or, the sidewalks and concrete running paths around your business, warehouse or municipal buildings have sunk and have become serious trip hazards that could result in embarrassing and expensive lawsuits. Perhaps the subdivisions in your city or town have sinkholes and broken concrete storm drains. Solid Ground, LLC has the solution:

  • We use polyurethane closed cell foam.
  • This dynamic material expands, resulting in lift.
  • It has the compression strength of concrete without the bulk.
  • The process is complete in seconds and within minutes you can drive on it.
  • You now have a waterproof barrier between the soil and the concrete slab. 
  • Basically we "Super Glued" your concrete to the soil.

The above "before and after" pictures are of a beautiful 65-year-old concrete pathway that had been "finished" with a type of a crushed rock method. The owner did not want to loose this gorgeous finished walkway. This 30-foot section of walkway down the southern exposure of the home had badly sunk and twisted over the years. But amazingly, it did not have a single crack or chip. We successfully got all the twisting and sinking sections level.

The owner whispered to me when we finished that she did not think we could fix it.

Polyurea Coating Benefits.

Polyurea Coatings add decades of wear free material to hospitals, schools, warehouse districts and government  building roofs.

Polyurea when sprayed on "Geo-Teach fabric" becomes a primary and or secondary chemical containment field around oil refinery tanks and settling ponds.

Polyurea coating can be sprayed directly on the concrete of catch basin's forming a perfect water tight seal eliminating soil saturation and erosion.

Polyurea Coatings are the perfect "FAUD" free material that Provides a safe particulate free air space for DOD high tech fighter Air Force fighter pilot, to the municipal air field private Piper Cub pilot. 

Roof sealed for decades.

The expensive membrane roof you had installed on your hotel, school, hospital or warehouse begins to show signs of leaking. The airplane hanger needs the roof repaired with a material that will not flake off and send dangerous "FAUD" toward the run way. What are your options? 

Solid Ground, LLC can help! We spray polyurea coatings to repair that roof. We can save you time, money and aggravation.

  • If your roof membrane is leaking, we can apply polyurea coatings to re-weld seams around utilities, HVAC Systems, pipes, chimneys or whatever is up on that roof.
  • Keep the roof of your warehouses, hanger, utility and maintenance shops leak-free with polyurea coating.
  • Polyurea has ZERO FAUD particulates for concerns with jet aircraft air intake, an issue with airports and runways.

Polyurea is a monolithic membrane that provides a seamless, liquid-proof barrier. Polyurea is 100% resistant to liquids, from H2O to various acids. Polyurea in white pigment adds a 100% UV protective membrane.


**New Product Alert see image below**

Our manufacturer is currently testing a single component polyurea as a road base substitute.
Until now, polyurea has been cost-prohibitive to justify use in large road base quantities.
This single compound product  shows excellent results in current Canadian test sites.

Just think, you grade the road, then lay down and compact pea gravel or basic road base, then spray this on. Five hours later, you have a water proof road that can support heavy trucks!

Polyurea Geo-Tech Containment Fields

Liquid proof polyurea is ideal to apply to Geo-tech material and earthen berms, protecting the soil and the environment.

  • Geo-tech material or soil berms are sprayed with polyurea liquid, providing a seamless liquid proof membrane.
  • The containment of polyurea berms provide a safe barrier in the event of a flood, highway transportation mishap or a manufacturing bio-hazard accident.
  • Liquids from H2O to acid are now safe and contained, awaiting proper clean up and disposal.