Can Solid Ground Replace My Horrible Concrete? YES, WE CAN!

When new concrete is the solution, we can pour a beautifully stamped and stained back patio; and if its a new driveway or garage floor, Solid Ground is the answer.

We understand Concrete is expensive and difficult to remove and re-install.

When it is time to remove that cracked and damaged concrete Solid Ground's experienced crew will remove the old concrete, level and prepare the new pour. Once poured the new concrete will be finished and sealed. We can deliver your beautiful new driveway, patio, garage floor, walkways and more.  

Solid Ground loves to restore vintage concrete. Below is a wonderful example of a 70 year old sunk and twisted concrete walkway that we restored back to its full glory!

"Before and After" pictures of a beautiful 70-year-old concrete walkway that had been "finished" with a type of crushed rock method. The owner did not want to loose this gorgeous and unique  walkway. The walkway had sunk and twisted over the years. Amazingly, it did not have a single crack or chip in it anywhere! 

The owner whispered to me when we finished that she did not think we could fix it.

When a 4 - foot sink hole opened up literally at the entrance to my home, I asked the City Superintendent  to take a look at using closed cell foam to lift, seal and solve the problem? He Agreed and the problem was solved!

The solution was to spray closed cell polyurethane foam. The foam has the compression strength of concrete, it is 100% water - proof and it would seal up any cracks, while supporting the concrete pipe. The first picture has me in the hole, with my driveway and home in the background. 


Your window well leaks after every rain storm! Cleaning up this soggy mess sucks, it's not FUN! You may think "Could I have prevented this?"

YES, you simply needed to spray-foam the foundation wall before back filling against the foundation. Please allow Solid Ground to spray a minimum of 3 inches of closed cell polyurethane foam. WHY? Because this will permanently waterproof and seal the concrete, stone or block foundation. Solid Ground will spray the new window well-insert prior to bolting it on. Once the window well is sprayed, it will be bolted into place and another layer of foam will be applied. Now you have taken proper steps to prevent water problems. 

Spraying polyurethane foam? Let's do this!

The ABAA recommends polyurethane closed & open cell spray foam. Why? Because it completely seals out air, dust, vapor and noise. Below are some terrific examples of how polyurethane products are applied, take a look...

Applying Spray foam to the exposed stud wall, ceiling floor joists & truss surface's, prior to the sheet rock install is critical! Once this is completed, you will effectively seal out drafts.

Spray foam is rated at a thermal R-factor of 7 per every inch of foam.  Polyurethane closed cell foam adds a 20% rigidity factor to structural integrity and Open cell is the perfect sound barrier.  

Rodent Problem?

One GIANT benefit of spraying your walls with closed cell polyurethane is keeping out rodents! Polyurethane closed cell spray foam, keeps rodents like RATS, MICE & yes Skunk's out of your walls and beneath your patio's .