Take a look at Solid Ground LLC's, show case of a tutorial on the many uses and practical long-term benefits of polyurethane closed cell spray foam and polyurea coatings. Let's step outside of the conventional and into the possibilities!

Trench Breakers! now that is a cool way to use closed cell foam!

Polyurethane closed cell foam has the compression strength of concrete without the bulk. It is the perfect solution for subterranean support for pipelines, especially in water-saturated soil and mountainous, uneven terrain. Thinking outside the box!

Foundation Waterproofing, perfect!

Be proactive when it comes to foundation waterproofing. Do not have "20-20 hindsight" when it comes to your foundation!

Polyurethane foam is a tough, waterproof, seamless barrier that is sprayed below-grade to a minimum thickness of 3 inches. Polyurethane foam can be sprayed above-grade but will require a polyurea coating that provides a UV protector. When you need a seamless, tough and waterproof barrier, spray polyurethane closed cell foam.

Insulating with Polyurethane Foam is the "Gold Standard!"

Everyone wants to stay warm when it is cold and cool when it is hot! That is what you can expect when you have Solid Ground, LLC insulate for you. Polyurethane closed cell foam adds 20% rigidity to your structure when the attic/roof trusses, walls and floors are insulated with 2+ inches of closed cell foam. Finally, the average energy cost savings over the life of a typical 30 year mortgage, is literally in the ten's of thousands of dollars. Let's get to work!

Polyurea Coating is a seamless, UV resistant (white pigment) liquid proof repair!

Polyurea coatings combined with Geo-tech material is the ideal material to form primary and secondary containment fields.

Polyurea coating protects concrete and metal tanks in water treatment plants from algae and bacterial growth. 

Polyurea coating, when applied to concrete, metal or any surface you need to be leak proof, lines the surface with a seamless membrane.
Polyurea coatings can be sprayed into manholes and culverts, providing a perfect water-tight barrier that will add longevity, avoiding expensive repair and maintenance.
Polyurea coatings are ideal for roof membrane restoration.
Polyurea coatings add longevity and protection to machinery, equipment, tools etc.

Concrete Leveling with Closed Cell Polyurethane Foam

Solid Ground, LLC drills with a 5/8 inch bit into the concrete. We place a one-way valve into the hole.  Next, we attach our resin gun to the valve assembly. Finally, we pull the trigger for 2 or 3 seconds, wait for vapor, motion and then pull the trigger again. As the concrete moves, we then slow down the frequency of the trigger pulls until we reach the desired height. The leveled concrete is ready to drive on in minutes. What makes this material ideal for this repair are three significant facts:

  1.  Polyurethane closed cell foam is "hydrophobic" waterproof.
  2.  Polyurethane closed cell foam has the compression strength of concrete, without the bulk.
  3.  Polyurethane closed cell foam is injected at 1500 PSI and is heated to approx. 300 degrees. This allows the polyurethane to flow and fill the low spot and then allowing the back pressure to fill the rest of the void, leaving behind a uniform flow with no stress risers.

Strong, quick and a permanent repair!