From the Department of Defense, Forestry, National Parks and GSA to Municipalities, Commercial Contractors and Home Owners, Solid Ground delivers.

Zion's National Park South Gate Main Entrance. We Began this project in October of 2018, Completed in April of 2019

When the Army needed insulation to maintain a constant temperature and restore concrete voids and road repair, they hired Solid Ground, LLC.

Unfortunately, due to the Tooele Army Depot's policy of "No Pictures," we are unable to provide photographs of the repair jobs and the insulation work completed. 

 Solid Ground, LLC  troubleshoots for the Kaysville City Public Works and for Big D Construction:

When the Public Works foreman for the City of Kaysville calls and asks us to fix an active 30-foot sink hole, Solid Ground, LLC replied, "Yes, we can!"

  • We seal and waterproof concrete storm pipe junctions to culverts.
  • We seal polymer storm pipe junctions to cement culverts.
  • We work in active emergency situations.
  • Big-D hired us to seal a water drainage problem at Farmington City's new store, Cabela's.



Tired of "Click Clack" Concrete Streets and Roads?

When your concrete city streets start sounding like the "Click Clack" of railroad tracks, you need to call Solid Ground LLC.


The recipe for success is  to inject 4 lb closed cell polyurethane foam.


Polyurethane foam has all the lifting performance you need. Once the polyurethane gun is connected, we then inject through a small 5/8 one-way valve. This will level up and support the highway with a waterproof membrane.   

Once concrete begins to shift sink, falling victim to mother nature, serious and costly concerns of repair vs. replacement arise. Not all road problems can be solved with an injection process, but it can be your cost effective answer to salvage and maintain roads. Let Solid Ground LLC, stabilize the problems before you have a very expensive road project.   Thanks Bountiful City!

Solid Ground "Dry Fall" application to the remodeled "Almond Silk" processing plant in West Valley, Utah!  

Here Solid Ground is preparing the truss's and the sealing for a coating layer of dry fall. 

Zion's National Park 

Installing 8 inch C900 waterline through the park, by coring through a 300 foot cliff face, then turning up on a 90 degree angle, connecting to the water source at the top of the mesa.

Coring and Punching out at the top of the mesa. Awesome!

Slide show of the work in separate stages of completion

Solid Ground coring 53, 3 inch diameter holes in the stamped and stained concrete in the visitors center bus staging area for park patrons.